Professional Speaking

Energizing and compelling, Kathleen delivers engaging messages to audiences in corporate and conference settings. Selected topics are listed below; if you are interested in a particular area, please contact us for a discovery conversation.

Building a Coaching Culture

Kathleen presents a six-step framework for building a coaching culture within organizations. Utilizing best practices and current research, organizational development professionals learn the key principles for establishing a pervasive coaching culture within their organizations.

The Cycle of Renewal

In this dynamic presentation, Kathleen presents a model and framework for understanding a natural cycle of change that individuals, teams, and organizations experience. Individuals leave feeling empowered and energized as they recognize that they have more choice and influence over their situations than they realize.

Managing Performance

In this humorous and engaging presentation, Kathleen condenses tried-and-true management principles into a simple and memorable framework. Through a five-step process for managing performance, leaders quickly understand the key factors that motivate employees and drive sustained performance. Managers leave this presentation with a clear understanding of the key leadership behaviors that contribute to high employee performance.