Training & Development Solutions

I have over twenty years of experience in training design, development, and delivery. In 1991, I completed a master's degree with a focus in training and development. Since that time, I have worked as a project director, master trainer, instructional designer, program developer and workshop facilitator. I have built certification processes and certified external consultants and internal clients on training programs as well as 360-degree feedback instruments. My specialty is designing engaging, interactive, adult learning programs that teach "soft" skills.

Customized Training Solutions

The design and development approach we use embraces the best principles of adult learning, focusing on a discovery-learning experience for the learner. Our training programs are interactive, experiential, and application-focused.

We follow a tried-and-true approach to delivering customized training solutions.

Training & Development Solutions Model

Define Project and Negotiate Contract During the initial meetings, client and project director work together to understand the business issues and the scope of the training solution. FutureLaunch delivers a proposal and estimated investment summary for building the solution. Once accepted, a project kickoff meeting is held, to clarify goals, objectives, success measures, timelines, and working processes.
Research The Research phase includes gathering data through the most appropriate methods, including interviews, surveys, field visits, and data analysis. The research phase will be determined by the nature of the information needing to be gathered prior to building the learning solution.
Design FutureLaunch prepares a design document, which provides an outline and details of the training solution. This document describes the key learning activities in which the learner will participate, and the resulting learning outcomes. The client reviews this document and provides feedback in a review meeting/call.
Develop Once the design is finalized and approved, development of the program components can begin. Typical components include: participant materials, leader guides, job aid cards, visual aids, and reinforcement tools. During the development phase, materials and training activities are piloted, and revisions are made as appropriate. This phase ends with the creation of a master of all deliverables.
Implement During implementation, materials are produced and training is delivered. Clients may be leader trained to deliver programs themselves, or FutureLaunch personnel may deliver the training.
Evaluate During the implementation phase, and afterwards, measurement criteria are observed to track progress against stated goals. To the extent that measurable data were identified in the early stages of the project, these will be measured during the evaluation phase.
Project Conclusion and Debrief Once all work is completed, project team members from the client organization and from FutureLaunch meet to discuss the project outcomes, process, and to harvest any learnings which contributed to success or challenges.

Process Facilitation

In addition to designing more structured learning experiences, we assist clients in creating learning through dialogue and process-facilitated interactions. Typically, intact teams who are interested in reaching clarity regarding business issues and team dynamics will utilize a facilitated experience to build consensus and shared understanding.

A frequently-utilized experience is the Strategic Focusing Session. In this 1-2 day process, we will guide a client to identify and determine:

  1. The changes and trends they are facing, both internally and externally
  2. Strategic advantages and disadvantages—the team strengths and weaknesses
  3. A shared vision for success
  4. Critical success factors—the few things that must go well to achieve the team vision
  5. Specific action steps, timelines, and champions

Each process-facilitated experience is designed based on the client's needs and desired outcomes.